What Is Graphene Coating ?

Graphene coatings are the latest technological advancement to hit the automotive detailing market. This carbon-based nanomaterial isn’t exactly new, a couple British professors discovered it way back in 2004 and went on to win the Nobel Prize in 2010 for their research. Fast forward to today, and graphene is growing in popularity in many Developed Nations as major automotive brands are showing interest in them.

Benefits & strengths of graphene coatings:

There are many benefits of graphene in automotive applications and relative strengths compared to ceramic coatings. Here are a few:

• High water contact angle - water beading effect
• Anti-static – Dust repellent
• Highly flexible - less susceptible to cracking or chipping
• Unsurpassed durability – 3 to 5 years!

The slickness factor of graphene is extremely high making it comparable to some of the best coatings and sealants on the market. If you’re a fan of that water beading effect then you’ll love graphene. Some of the relative advantages over ceramic coatings are:

• Less prone to water spotting
• Reduction in heat absorption on treated surfaces
• Longer durability

Graphene Coating Packages

At Shine My Ride, we are always ready to offer the latest technological developments to our clients at extremely competitive prices.

Graphene Coating Warranty Period Free-Maintenance
1 HATCHBACK ₹ 20,000 2 years 2 times
2 MID-SIZED SEDAN/SUV/MUV ₹ 25,000 2 years 2 times
3 PREMIUM SUV/SEDAN ₹ 30,000 2 years 2 times
4 ELITE CLUB ₹ 40,000 2 years 2 times

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