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Paint protection Film (PPF)

Paint Protection film is an excellent choice for protecting scratches on your vehicle. They are similar to "scratch guard" applied on mobile screens. There are multiple brands available in this category at Shine My Ride.

You can let us know your Budget & we will guide you with an appropriate product.

Ceramic/Graphene Coating

So with the fast paced technology, Shine My Ride is always ready with the latest developments for our clients.
For this we have 2 premium options for you:
1. Ceramic Coating - with 1 year warranty & 1 maintenance coating after 6 months.
2. Graphene Coating - with 2 years warranty & 2 maintenance coating after 8 & 16 months.

We strongly recommend Graphene coating for all new cars!

Graphene Coating package will cover the following things:
1.Graphene coating on
- a. All painted body panels
- b. All alloy wheels
- c. All lights
2. Ceramic coating on all fixed glasses
3. 2 years warranty for the Shine on your Vehicle
4. Two maintenance coatings after 8 & 16 months.

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Diamond package with ceramic coating comes with:
1. Double layer Ceramic Coating on all painted panels, fixed Glasses & Alloy Wheels.
2. Maintenance coating after 6 months.
3. One year warranty for the Shine on your Vehicle.
4. Mini-Detailing Kit for daily maintenance of your vehicle.

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