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Exterior Cleaning

Shine My Ride Introduces the Ultimate Exterior Cleaning Package: Unmatched Shine and Long-Lasting Protection

Shine My Ride is proud to unveil its new Exterior Cleaning Package, designed to elevate your car's appearance and provide lasting protection against the elements. This comprehensive package combines a basic detail with a one-step polish on the paint, delivering an exceptional shine that lasts up to 3-4 months.

Your car's exterior deserves the best care to maintain its beauty and protect it from daily wear and tear. The Exterior Cleaning Package offered by Shine My Ride is the perfect solution, providing a thorough cleaning and revitalizing polish to enhance your vehicle's aesthetics.

The basic detail included in the package covers all the essentials, including washing, drying, and cleaning of exterior surfaces such as the body, windows, wheels, and tires. This step removes dirt, grime, and contaminants, preparing the surface for the polishing process.

The one-step polish is where the magic happens. Using professional-grade polishes and compounds, Shine My Ride's expert technicians carefully polish the paintwork to remove minor imperfections, swirl marks, and dullness, revealing a brilliant shine and restoring the paint's clarity and depth.

What sets this package apart is its long-lasting protection. The one-step polish not only enhances the shine but also creates a protective layer that repels dirt, water, and environmental contaminants. This ensures that your car stays cleaner for longer and maintains its glossy finish for weeks to come.

With Shine My Ride's Exterior Cleaning Package, you can enjoy a showroom-worthy shine and exceptional protection without breaking the bank. Treat your car to the best care it deserves and experience the difference with Shine My Ride's professional services.

Our Packages are priced as below:

Mid-sized Sedan/SUV
Premium Sedan/SUV
Elite Club
Exterior Cleaning

*All above rates are excluding 18% GST

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