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Polymer Coating

Shine My Ride Introduces the Ultimate Polymer Coating (Platinum) Package: Unparalleled Mirror Finish and Long-Lasting Shine

Shine My Ride is excited to unveil its exclusive Polymer Coating Package, a comprehensive solution that combines full car detailing with a 3-step polish on the paint, delivering an exquisite mirror finish and an extended shine that lasts up to 8-9 months. This package not only focuses on the exterior but also includes interior detailing, providing a complete transformation for your vehicle.

The Platinum Package is designed to elevate your car's appearance to a whole new level. Starting with a meticulous full detailing process, Shine My Ride's skilled technicians clean, polish, and protect every inch of your car, ensuring a pristine look inside and out.

The highlight of this package is the 3-step polish on the paint, which involves a series of professional-grade compounds and polishes to achieve a flawless mirror finish. This process effectively removes imperfections, swirl marks, and minor scratches, revealing a smooth, glossy surface that reflects light beautifully.

One of the key benefits of the Platinum Package is the polymer coating applied during the process. This advanced coating forms a durable barrier on the paint, repelling water, dirt, and contaminants. Not only does it enhance the shine and depth of the paint, but it also provides long-lasting protection against UV rays, oxidation, and environmental factors.

In addition to the exterior transformation, the Platinum Package includes interior detailing to ensure that your car's interior is as stunning as the exterior. From cleaning and conditioning upholstery to revitalizing trims and surfaces, we will leave no detail overlooked.

Experience the ultimate in car care and protection with Shine My Ride's Platinum Package. Treat your vehicle to a mirror finish and long-lasting shine that will turn heads wherever you go.

Our Platinum Packages are priced as below:

Mid-sized Sedan/SUV
Premium Sedan/SUV
Elite Club
Platinum Package

*All above rates are excluding 18% GST

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